Our mission statement

It’s our primary goal to provide art-inspired, unique goods both handmade or ethically sourced at affordable price points.


'During the quarantine period of 2020 in the COVID-19 pandemic, the world could not have been more uncertain or scary… I had just gotten laid off from my serving job due to the pandemic and I could not have been more grateful for a way out of the industry. For me, it was toxic and continued to drain my cup more and more. It was my perfect opportunity to change things around so I used the time that we had during the stay-at-home orders in CA as well as the first government stimulus to jump-start my business.

Deciding what to create was more or less the easiest part of what was to come. So often I get the question of, ‘What made you want to make rainbows?’. Rainbows are the universal symbol of joy and when I decided my mission was to put a smile on other’s face with whatever it was I was going to create, it felt like a no-brainer. Because of my previous experience with polymer clay and jewelry making, I decided to marry the two into what would become Golden Hour Designs.

There was a point where I almost nixed one of the two to focus mainly on a core product but keeping them both as a part of GHD was the best decision I could have made for the business.

Today, GHD has evolved into a company that successfully sells jewelry, wall decor, kids + baby decor, accessories and more where we are sold in over 120+ stores worldwide as well as with multiple internationally recognized retailers.

We’re just getting started. '



Located in Sacramento, CA

Established in 2020